Guidelines for Walks



Walks are intended for a mature age group, and wherever possible there will be a choice of outings of varying levels of difficulty.

The Motueka 50 Plus Walking Group, as an organisation, has a duty of care to its members, and our rules and guidelines set out how this duty is to be carried out.

By paying their subscription and joining in Group activities members agree to abide by the rules and guidelines.

The safety and wellbeing of each walker is of paramount importance, and members are not only responsible for their own safety, but share a responsibility for all other Group members. All members have an obligation to preserve the reputation and integrity of the Motueka 50 Plus Walking Group.

The coming month’s walks are outlined in terms of difficulty and length on and at each monthly meeting.

Leaders will also give information at the beginning of each walk, outlining the route, any planned alternatives, and likely stopping points for refreshments.

Members joining a walk at places other than Motueka Recreation Centre have a responsibility to catch up on information given earlier.

Intending walkers have a responsibility to check information and to take a realistic view of their ability to successfully complete a walk. Those walking with the Group for the first time may not join a Hard (H) walk.

If bad weather threatens, or there is withdrawal of access, Walks Leaders, Walks Co-ordinators and Group Officers may confer to consider cancellation. The Leader will make the final decision. If a walk is cancelled, intending walkers should be advised by email or telephone. In all other cases a final decision will be made at the meeting time at Motueka Recreation Centre.

A Leader and Tail-end-Charlie (TEC) will be appointed for each walking group.

Radios are used to communicate between Leader and TEC on main walks.

Group sizes may vary according to route, conditions, and walkers’ ability, recognising that smaller groups are more efficient and more easily managed. Sub-groups may be organised by the Leader as necessary.