First aid and Emergency equipment

First Aid

A basic First Aid Kit and any personal medication should be carried in your pack.

Your First Aid Kit should contain:
A sling which can also be used as a bandage.
Smaller scissors
Medication for allergies (stings, bites, etc)
Needle for prickles.

You should also consider:
High SPF sunblock  
Antiseptic hand sanitizer
Lip salve
Insect repellent
Elastic strapping bandage or knee support.
It is a good idea to inform someone else on the walk if you have a medical condition that may need treatment during a walk, and to carry any medication that has been prescribed to you.

In cases of bleeding tourniquets should not be used. Direct pressure through a pad is better at stemming blood flow. 

Ointments should not be applied unless prescribed.

Splints for fractures can be made from walking poles.

Emergency equipment

Members may consider carrying other survival items in their pack. These could include, but are not limited to:
Survival blanket (foil or thermal wrap recommended)
Candle or firelighter
Whistle, (required; see rules)
Pencil and paper
Waterproof matches or light